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These are features that are bound to make your life easier as well as increase your workflow efficiency. For some of us, these may all be new experiences. For others, you may know quite a few of these.

If a showcased feature is not available in your version of Windows 10, consider updating your operating system to the current version. The following link will take you to the official Microsoft Update Assistance website.

Copying and pasting data is one of the first Windows skills all new users learn. The power to move or replicate vast amounts of information can give you quite the rush of power the first few times you try it. And what about a copied set of information that you need frequently. The Clipboard History acts as a repository of cut or copied data. Not just the last cut or copied block of data, but potentially dozens of blocks of data. As an example, suppose you need to copy and paste several small bits of text from a much larger article.

You then move on to the destination document. You are now able to paste the copied data in any order you prefer by clicking on the corresponding preview in the history window. You are no longer required to switch back and forth between applications, copying and pasting the bits separately.

The Clipboard History may not be activated on your system by default. This means you could copy something at work on your work device and paste it later at home on your home device. VERY cool. If you have a block of copied data that you use frequently, you can eliminate the need for re-copying each time you need to paste the data. This will keep the copied data in the history for use at any time without repeated copying.

Unpinned items are cleared after each reboot of the device, but pinned items will remain in the history ready for future use. This is a great way to protect yourself against viruses and malware when testing questionable files.

Sandbox is included with the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10, but it is not included with the Home Edition of Windows Sandbox is not activated by default.

Once the Sandbox is open, copy and paste the file s or website URL into the Sandbox and run them as normal. Once your testing has completed, close the sandbox and all your sandboxed content will be deleted.

NOTE: None of your third-part applications, like Microsoft Office, are available in the sandbox unless you install them. Due to the destructive nature of the sandbox, those installed applications will also be deleted upon exit. This means you would need to reinstall them into the sandbox upon further use. Suppose you are working on a project that requires having several applications open simultaneously. Then an appointment pops up that reminds you of a video conference you need to join where you are the presenter.

A Virtual Desktop is a Desktop that is initially free of any content. This is a fantastic way to hide all content and running applications, whether you just want to reduce distractions from yourself or present a clean slate for public viewing.

If you open an application in another virtual desktop, the application and Taskbar reference for that application are only visible in the single virtual desktop. You can switch between virtual desktops by selecting the Task View button, then clicking the appropriate virtual desktop thumbnail in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Any open windows from the deleted virtual desktop will be moved to the previously created virtual desktop. Most of us are easily distracted. Focus Assist allows us to temporarily suppress all forms of attention-getting notifications allowing us to work in a distraction-free environment.

From here, select Focus Assist. You can also define certain activities that will automatically enable the Focus Assist feature, such as screen sharing or quiet hours. This would prevent that embarrassing message from your college buddy from appearing on your screen during your important presentation. Quick Assist allows the person needing help to grant you access to their desktop as well as take control of their system so you can perform the task remotely, more quickly and with greater accuracy.

Have the person requiring assistance open the Quick Assist window same way as before. Aero Shake is a fun little feature that allows you to minimize all your open windows except one with just a quick shake back and forth of the mouse. This is done by clicking and holding the Title Bar of the window you wish to remain open, then quickly and repeatedly move the mouse left to right, then back again.

Hint: a longer movement of the mouse seems to work better than a shorter movement. If you are not that quick with your mouse, the keyboard equivalent to this is to select the window you wish to remain open then press Win-Home. This trick is much quicker and admittedly more fun than individually minimizing each open window. If you have the luxury of working with multiple monitors, you quickly become spoiled with the increased screen real estate for viewing multiple information sources without switching between them.

Sooner or later, you find yourself working with a single display, but need the multi-windows setup. Next, grab the Title Bar of one window and drag the window to the left or right of the screen until it touches the edge.

In other words, it can move no further. The remaining open windows will be reduced and presented as thumbnail versions.

If you are using multiple monitors, repeated pressing of these key combinations will step-lock the window across multiple positions on the monitors. The Night Light feature of Windows 10 reduces the amount of the blue light emitted by the screen, thus reducing the influence on the pineal gland. You can also set this feature up on a schedule, so it activates and deactivates automatically.

This can be based on defined times, or auto-scheduled based on sunset-to-sunrise times as defined by your current location. Note: Location services must be activated for this option to work. This allows you to perform actions like:. Once captured, the image can be marked up using pen marks and highlights, as well as using rulers and protractors to assist with markups.

If needed, the final image can be cropped, printed, saved, and shared via email, Skype, or Twitter. When initially launched, you are presented with several selection options at the top-center of the screen.

These allow you to switch between the following capture modes as viewed left to right :. Learn anytime that fits your schedule.

Download files. This post was created using Windows 10 Pro version , build Most users think that you are limited to pasting only the last cut or copied selection. This presents the Clipboard History. You can also clear your copied history if you just want to perform a bit of spring cleaning. This is known as a Virtual Desktop.

Creating a Virtual Desktop To activate a new virtual desktop, click the Task View button to the right of the Start button. Switching Between Virtual Desktops You can switch between virtual desktops by selecting the Task View button, then clicking the appropriate virtual desktop thumbnail in the upper-left corner of the screen. Moving Applications between Virtual Desktops If you wish to move an application to a different virtual desktop: Select the virtual desktop that contains the desired application Press the Task View button Click and hold the mini-view of the application Drag the mini-view of the application and drop it into the thumbnail of the desired virtual desktop.

To bring your Desktop icons back, repeat the above process. You can customize your priority list by adding certain people or applications. Automatic Focus Assist Rules You can also define certain activities that will automatically enable the Focus Assist feature, such as screen sharing or quiet hours.

Alarms Only This option in Focus Assist will suppress all notifications except alarms. This will provide you with a 6-digit, time-limited security code. To set this up, open multiple windows; most applications will work.

The short wavelength of blue light interferes with the natural production of melatonin. This allows you to perform actions like: Capture the entire screen Capture a single window Capture a defined range rectangular or free-formed Perform a delayed capture Once captured, the image can be marked up using pen marks and highlights, as well as using rulers and protractors to assist with markups. This is ideal for capturing dropdown lists or pop-ups that require a few moments to activate.

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