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Crash of the Titans is a platform game, the fourteenth episode of the Crash Bandicoot series, released October 2, in the United. Apr 14, – Crash of The Titans PC Game Free Crash of the Titans is a platform game, the fourteenth episode of the Crash Bandicoot series. Crash of the Titans is an action-platforming game another entry in the long-running Crash Bandicoot franchise. Originally gaining popularity on the.


Crash of the titans pc game free download


From there, each level known as an \”episode\” asks players to complete fights against large groups of enemies or simply progress through the episode. Crash starts the game with four lives. The length of each of Crash\’s lives is tied to his health meter, which decreases whenever Crash is damaged from enemy attacks or falls down a bottomless pit. The player can replenish Crash\’s health meter by instructing Crash to eat Wumpa Fruit. Each time the health meter is fully depleted, Crash loses a life. In Crash of the Titans, you once again hop into the shoes of Crash, spinning and smacking his way through the lush and beautiful Wumpa Islands.

Although this entry doubles down on the action, there\’s still plenty of challenging platforming to expect. While it might not be the jolt of quality that the Crash franchise needs, Crash of the Titans is still an enjoyable adventure all the same.

Crash of the Titans sees our hero, Crash Bandicoot , once again battling against the evil army of Doctor Cortex as he fights to protect his home of the Wumpa Islands. One day, while Crash is relaxing with his sister Coco and pal Crunch, Doctor Cortex invades the island, kidnapping Coco in the process.

Hurrying after them, Crash eventually discovers Cortex and Uka Uka the voodoo mask attempting to siphon powerful Mojo energy from a temple within the forest. There, Cortex unveils his master plan to overtake Wumpa Islands by using the Mojo to create powerful creatures known as Titans. With the help of the Titans, Cortex plans to create an enormous machine capable of dominating the world. As usual, it\’s up to Crash to stop Cortex and save the world from utter chaos. Although the perspective is a bit more modern than classic Crash Bandicoot games, the controls in Crash of the Titans feel mostly the same.

Playing as Crash, you can run, spin, jump, and bounce your way around levels with fervent speed. Crash has a few new moves as well, including a hover move in the air, along with a wide range of combat abilities. Each area is bright, vivid, and full of colorful, brought to life by Crash\’s excitable movement and speed.

At the beginning of the game, Neo Cortex, along with his partner Uka Uka, Crunch hibernate and kidnaps Coco and Aku Aku attracting the attention of Crash, which goes in their research. During his trip to the jungle island, Crash finds and fights Aku Akus minions and Cortex Titans left by him in the jungle, checking them and guiding them as their own bodies thanks to the spell of crashamento Aku Aku. Uka Uka escape with Coco and the aura stolen from the temple, while Cortex covers his escape, with the help from other titans.

In Crash of the Titans were introduced to the elements in style fighting game with Crash able to perform the combo of kicks and punches and able to withstand more than one hit before losing a life; In fact, in this episode there will be a power bar that can be recovered reaping the benefits Wumpa; therefore Aku Aku loses its classic role of protector, even if it can be used as a shield or a skateboard.

Even the biggest enemies, the Titans will withstand more than one hit, but once defeated will be led by Crash, who can take advantage of their power. This chapter also cases become very rare and seldom contain fruits Wumpa, in fact, often contain aura, which is useful for enhancing the ability of Crash.

Crash and his friends rest while Coco Butter finishes a recycler, she asks you from passing Crash Transvelupador A wrench purple , but when it picks Cortex Crash appears on your airship, which kidnaps Coco and Aku Aku. Crash Transvelupador keeps in his pocket and throws the recycler saving Aku Aku, but leaving in the middle of the jungle.