PENVOICE MEDIA is a pan African creative media brand that specializes in all forms of creative services such as writing, media production, digital contents, offline contents, publishing, training, consultancy, digital marketing and many more.
The company started as a magazine publishing company in 2013; after which it began to expand its services into a media outfit, in order to serve more people, reach more audiences and make more impacts.
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PENVOICE MEDIA was born out of the need to:
Provide adequate exclusive African content which many corporates and individuals clamoured for
Bridge the gap between thoughts and actualization of ideas
Reduce the rate of unaccomplished idea (i.e. ideas that come to mind but fade away unwritten, unshared or unpublished); and
Promote the standards of different formats of content creation, development and sharing in our public space.

We are greatly concerned that most of the contents in our public spaces usually are not what the readers or viewers expect in terms of exclusiveness, while those that were shared or published were not achieved in conformity to the standard or nuances of acceptable contents.

We are poised to address this problem by offering you premium writing, research, editorials, content creation, publishing, and media productions expertise among others. Our business is to deliver exclusive and original works while you enjoy our creativity and ambience of partnership.

Meet Our Team

Our structural system works in the chain of partnership, because we believe that we all are partners in this business, hence, the need to ensure its growth and values.


partners consist of seasoned wordsmiths, communication experts, online/offline media specialists, content/brand managers, experienced researchers, professional editors and consultants.


To become the most sought-after content provider in Nigeria, West Africa and the African continent; and the first name that comes to mind when premium, exclusive, original and creative content is mentioned.

Mission/To Our Clients

To help our clients actualize their ideas by providing exclusive, original and creative African contents.

Our clients

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